Back Stretch:

Lie on your back. keep one leg flat on the ground. bring your other knee up to your chest.


Whole body stretch:

Lie on your back. extend your arms behind you. raise your toes. now lengthen your body as much as you can.


Back stretch:

Lie on your back. bring both knees up to your chest.


Hamstring stretch:

Lie on your back. bend one leg. pull the other knee towards your chest. slowly and gently straighten your raised leg.


Adductor stretch:

Sit with your feet together. bring your feet towards your groin .hold your ankles. push your knees towards the ground with your elbows. keep your back straight.


Adductor stretch:

Stand with your feet wide apart. keep one leg straight and toes facing forward. bend the other leg and turn your toes out to the side. lower your groin towards the ground. rest your hands on the bent knee or the ground.


Thigh stretch:

Stand upright. balance on one leg. pull your other foot up behind your bum. keep your knees together and push your hips forward. hold onto a wall for balance.



Calf stretch:

Stand upright. Lean against a wall and place one foot as far from the wall as is comfortable. make sure that both toes are facing forward and your heel is on the ground. keep your back leg straight. lean towards the wall..


Neck stretch:

Stand upright. Let your chin fall towards your chest. then lift your head , looking upwards as if trying to point up with your chin.


Arms stretch:

Stand with your hand behind your neck and your elbow pointing upwards. use your other hand to pull your elbow down.


Stomach/Back stretch:

Kneel on your hands and knees. Then let your head fall forward and arch your back upwards.